Village Print SHop

Built: c. 1830. Original Building Name: Reverend David Gandy House.  Earliest Known Location: Greenfield, Upper Township.

The building currently serves as the Village Print Shop, where demonstrations of early printing presses and print production are demonstrated to guests.

This diminutive building housed the Rev. David Gandy and his wife, Maria from 1860 until the early 1900s.  They had six children, four of whom lived to maturity.  David was a Methodist Episcopal preacher but was also listed in census records as a weaver, laborer and farmer.  Although the house’s original chimney and fireplace have been removed, its interior flush board walls, exposed joists overhead, and winder stair to the garret are intact.  The house is a good example of the humble, one-room dwellings that were once common in Cape May County, but of which few have survived.