Village Farm

Corson Gandy Farm

Built: c. 1880. Original Building Name: Lewis Corson Gandy Barn. Original Location: Dennis Township.

The Barn currently sits adjacent to the Village’s 8-acre organic farm complex, housing farming supplies and equipment as well as the Village Horse, Levi and calves.  In addition, the Village farmer maintains heirloom crops and special demonstrations of equipment and horse-drawn plowing.

Built in the last quarter of the 19th century, this barn was pre-fabricated at a Camden lumber yard, then shipped in kit form and erected for Captain Lewis Corson Gandy in Dennis Township. Although pre-cut kit buildings are mostly attributed to Sears & Roebuck, which began offering mail-order houses in the mid 1890s, they were introduced as early as 1865 by Andrew Derrom, a Paterson, NJ carpenter and architect.  The interior features space for a wagon or carriage and two farm animals, with ample storage space on the second floor.