Taylor Poultry HOuse

Built: 1895. Original Building Name: Taylor Poultry Shop Original Location: Seashore Road, Lower Township.
Acquired by HCSV: c. 1975

Erected around the turn of the last century, this charming octagonal-shaped structure was built as a brooding house for hens.  It was later used for cockfights in the 1920s, then a road stand and was then relocated across the street and used as a children’s playhouse.  Octagonal-shaped structures-houses, barns, and other outbuildings-were most popular in the 1850s and 1860s as people experimented with new forms of “scientific” living and agriculture.

NJ DEP – Historic Preservation Office New Jersey and National Registers of Historic Places
Octagonal Poultry House (ID#4761)
NR: 3/14/2008 (NR Reference #: 08000177)