Historic Cold Spring Village Speakers Bureau

Bringing the past to you

The staff and dedicated volunteers of Historic Cold Spring Village are proud to offer a variety of educational and entertaining programs for professional associations, government organizations, community and senior centers, social clubs, and church and youth groups.

Programs run between 30 and 60 minutes with time for Q&A and can generally be tailored to fit your group’s needs and interests. If you don’t see a topic that fits your needs, call or email and we’ll see if we can develop a program to match the interests of your organization.

Suggested Programs:

  • The First Frontier: Whaler Yeomen in Colonial New Jersey- The story of the first permanent European settlers as well as a discussion of how the Eastern Seaboard was the original American frontier.
  • Gone for a Soldier: A Day in the Life of a Civil War Infantryman- Includes a discussion of the political, social and economic events during the Early American era that led up to the war.
  • The Story of Old Glory- The origins and early history of the flag of the United States, using a collection of reproduction historic flags from the 17th century through the Civil War.
  • Four Great Inventions (And One That Almost Was)- Explores the creation of the steamboat, steam locomotive, daguerreotype camera, telephone and difference engine, which was an 1832 attempt to build a mechanical computer.
  • Revisiting the Country Store: An Important Community Resource- A look at the vital role of a general store in the life of a rural America as a purveyor of goods, social center, and communications hub.
  • A Visit with Mehitable, Cape May’s Last Mitten Knitter- This first-person interpretative program introduces you to Mehitable Vanaman Wade Simpson, a 19th century resident of Cape May County. Mehitable was one of the last women in the county to raise sheep, shear the wool, spin the yarn, and knit her own mittens for trade with Philadelphia merchants.
  • Preserving Family Treasures- The HCSV Curator offers tips on how to preserve family treasures, like photographs, slides, and textiles, for years to come.
  • A History of Hosiery and Socks –  Review the origins of socks to modern times.  What were the styles, fabrics and technology used to keep our feet warm.
  • Gansey’s Guernsey’s and Fisherman Knit Sweaters – From cottage to factory sweaters were the uniform for fisherman and sailors in the 19th century in Northern Europe and British Isles.
  • Foodways during  the Civil War – Discusses rations available to the troops of the North and South and discusses the artful substitutions used at home.

An honorarium of $150.00 is requested for each speaker and varies depending upon the type and length of program. To request a speaker please contact Patricia Raspa at (609) 898-2300, ext. 10 or pmraspa@hcsv.org. A minimum of two weeks advance notice is suggested.

The Village Welcome Center can also be rented for a modest facility fee, comfortably accommodating up to 75 guests for your meeting and presentation by the HCSV Speakers Bureau.