Jerome S. Goldman Legacy Fund

The Jerome S. Goldman Legacy Fund has been established in memory of Historic Cold Spring Village’s widely-respected, revered and loved blacksmith.

He was our Village “smithy” for twenty-one years who educated and enlightened many visitors – a true Renaissance man who was passionate about classical music, opera, ballet, literature, and poetry. Jerry was also a teacher, artist, woodworker, welder, sailor, ballet dancer, and judo champion!

The Village family honors Jerry’s legacy and in the words of his family, “may his memory be a blessing!”

“It Takes a Village to Raise a Barn!”

Imagine you are living in a rural American village in the 1800s.
Every day you perform the tasks necessary to keep your family fed, clothed, warm in winter, and comfortable in summer.

You know your neighbors and with their support, most of your needs are met.

Now, imagine one day you learn that a neighbor’s barn, which shelters workers and houses supplies, is in such dilapidated condition that it must be replaced.

What do you do?

“Raising” a barn was an endeavor that required assistance from the entire village.
You, along with all your neighbors, had some part in helping the person in need build and secure the barn in place quickly.

It was a community effort that benefitted everyone, for you knew that when the need was yours, friends would respond in kind.

Historic Cold Spring Village is a neighbor in need, and you are our village.

The museum’s Buildings and Grounds trailer, which also provides a comfortable area for the staff, is desperately in need of replacement.
The “seed” money for the barn project was funded by the Jerome S. Goldman Legacy Fund that was started in honor of our revered blacksmith who was a part of the Village family for twenty years.
The Buildings and Grounds complex is the heart of the Village for it is here that collections and exhibits are stored, portions of buildings cared for, artifacts repaired, tools and tractors refurbished and animals fed.
Historic Cold Spring Village is an integral part of Cape May County’s historic preservation, history-oriented educational programs, and heritage tourism.

For a $150.00 donation, you will receive a box of 15 greeting cards complete with envelopes!

Please consider donating to this worthy cause and be a partner in helping us create and celebrate a barn raising at Historic Cold Spring Village!
Click on the button below to make a donation.
Or write a check out to HCSV Foundation and place “JSG Legacy Fund” on the memo line.

We are now offering an alternate donation option for 2022!

“Pave Your Way into History” with a  personalized brick at Historic Cold Spring Village!
For only $150, you may etch your way into HCSV history and line a walkway from the Village to the Brewery with these special pavers.
Add a symbol for $25 each.
Please consider donating to these worthy causes and be a partner in helping us create a walkway and celebrate a barn raising at Historic Cold Spring Village!