Creating an environment that fosters an appreciation and love of history is reflected in the ever increasing numbers of student field trips (3,400 + last spring) and distance learning programs (over 18 states).  In order to continue the growth of these programs as well as preserve our historic buildings and artifacts, we need your help!

Whether you are a resident of Cape May County or a seasonal visitor, Historic Cold Spring Village belongs to you. The staff is dedicated to historic preservation, history education and heritage tourism. They strive every day and are committed to bringing history alive for all our visitors.

Please consider making a tax-deductible contribution to HCSV and create your own personal connection with the Village and its history.
You may contribute online here!

**The Village has been presented with a unique opportunity to expand a $1,000 donation from Sturdy Savings Bank into $2,000 with a match from the Daughters of the American Revolution. The museum’s goal is to raise an additional $4,000, as the DAR will match up to $5,000, which then becomes $10,000.

Additional funds from the County’s Open Space and Historic Preservation Grant Program, which will match on a 40-60% ratio, raises the initial $5,000 donation to $25,000.

Added to this would be a grant of $15,000 from The 1772 Foundation (Kean Family of Union County), for a grand total of $40,000!

This would permit the Village to not only repair the Dennisville Inn, but replace siding on the Corson Gandy Barn.

To become a partner in preserving Cape May County history click here.

Thank you for your past, present and future support. It is critical to our survival!!