Historic Cold Spring Village 2020 Events

Event Information:

  • Thu

    Ghosts of Cold Spring

    6:30 pmCold Spring Brewery
    Join us at Cold Spring Brewery as we gather 'round the fireplace with local physic medium Bob Bitting as he discusses the history of Cold Spring like you've never heard it before!
    Topics Include:
    11/8/18- "Haunts of Dennisville Inn"- Bob talks about Jeremiah Johnson the areas first postmaster, Thomas Henderson, and Jacob & Hannah Wells.
    11/15/18- "Coxe Hall Carnage"- Bob speaks about a Revolutionary War soldier, the mumbling woman and the 3 murders of James Bud, Thomas Bancroft, and Johnathan Hoffman.
    11/29/18- "Peculiar Pathways" - Bob discusses the Lenape tribe, Emma Douglas and the small children who have never left the Ewing Douglas house (Ice Cream Parlor).
    12/6/18 - "Shadows & Specters" - Bob covers Corson-Hand house, Bookbinding shop, the octagon house (coop), shadow people and the buildings at Historic Cold Spring Village that attract or repel spirit energy.
    12/13/18- "Spicer-Leaming & the Witches of Cape May" - Bob will discuss Sam Spicer, Hannah Leaming, Elizabeth Garlick, and the spirits of children that still reside in The Print Shop.

    12/20/18- "Spirited Holidays" - A special channeling session. Please attend with high positive energy! Tickets are $20.00 and are available for purchase. Just click the "Book Now" button!