April 3rd, 2021, 12p-8p, Hop on over and sign up to play! Start at the Brewery and ask a tasting room server for your answer sheet.
Follow the directions to explore Historic Cold Spring Village for eggs.
When you find an egg open it up and answer the question to move to your next clue.
At the end, put your answers inside the Easter Kegg.
One lucky winner with the correct answers will be drawn on Easter, Sunday, April 12th.

This lucky winner will get a Free Cold Spring Brewery Growler! (Fill it with the Cold Spring brew of your choice! Fill fee applies.)
Buy any Cold Spring Brewery loyalty pint glass get $2.00 off your first fill and 1.00 off subsequent fills! You have our glass you’ll get a 1.00 off! Thanks for being a loyal visitor, thanks for being you!